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Alter Aeon Facebook Pages

Alter Aeon on Facebook

The official Facebook page of Alter Aeon is regularly updated with new content and game changelog entries. It is maintained by Dentin, Draak and Shadowfax. Like us and share with your friends!

Alter Aeon Personal Page

This is the personal account of Shadowfax. It merely exists to puppet the business page, create event posts and facilitate automation. All friend requests are accepted.

Alter Aeon interest page on Facebook

This is the autogenerated interest page for Alter Aeon. You can like it, but be aware that it is not maintained by Alter Aeon staff.

Alter Aeon Google Directory

Alter Aeon Google Drive

Our publicly shared Google Drive folder contains archives and copies of all of our social media content, as well as resources for our monthly update audio presentations.

Alter Aeon Google Group

This is the group for the Google mailing list. It is run by Dentin. We do our best to answer any questions brought up there.!forum/alteraeon

Alter Aeon Newsfeeds

Alter Aeon on Twitter

For the latest in game information and updates, this is the place for you. Most of the tweets result from updates to Alter Aeon's Facebook page. It is maintained by Dentin, Shadowfax and Wily.

Clan Lawful Evil on Twitter

The Twitter account for Lawful Evil is updated with event log entries performed by its members.

Alter Aeon Changelog RSS

This is the RSS feed for the game's changelog that you can subscribe to.

Alter Aeon Blogs

Alter Aeon on Blogger

This blog receives regular updates from Alter Aeon's Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube pages.

Alter Aeon on Tumblr

The game's Tumblr blog is regularly updated with content from its Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts.

Alter Aeon on Wordpress

The game's Wordpress blog is also regularly updated with content from its Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts.

The Draaks' Livejournal Blog

This Livejournal account is owned by Shadowfax and Draak. It is regularly updated with Alter Aeon's Twitter feed.

Weebly Website

Alter Aeon has a Weebly website. Currently, it primarily a blog, although if we get more traffic, it may become more.

Alter Aeon Videos

Alter Aeon Youtube channel

This is the video outlet for Alter Aeon. We release monthly updates, vlogs, interviews, demonstrations and more. The Youtube channel is maintained by Shadowfax and Draak.

Alter Aeon Screenshots and Artwork

Alter Aeon on Pinterest

Alter Aeon's Pinterest boards are frequently updated with screenshots, videos and other content.

Alter Aeon on Flickr

The Flickr gallery receives regular updates of screenshots from Alter Aeon's Facebook page.

Alter Aeon on Instagram

We're on Instagram. We don't do much with it yet, but it's there!

Alter Aeon Bookmarking Services

Alter Aeon's Public Library on Diigo

You can explore Alter Aeon's public bookmarks on Diigo. These are regularly updated with new links.

Alter Aeon on Delicious

Alter Aeon makes public bookmarks of its Facebook posts available on a regular basis.

Other Alter Aeon Social Sites

Alter Aeon on Reddit

Alter Aeon has its own subreddit that you can subscribe to. It is frequently updated with new links from Facebook and Youtube. Dentin, Draak, Shadowfax and Uicli moderate the subreddit.

Alter Aeon Dropbox

We have a public folder on Dropbox that is updated with content from our Facebook page.

Alter Aeon board on Trello

We have a public board on Trello. It is regularly updated with content from our Facebook page. You can subscribe to the board and/or lists.

Alter Aeon on Cafepress

This is the official Alter Aeon online shop, selling everything from Alter Aeon themed t-shirts to shower curtains at reasonable prices. It is run by Draak.

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