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Clan Lawful Evil does not make public its admission standards. Suffice it to say that our members are the movers and shakers of Alter Aeon. To our clan, being a skillful player is less vital than being mature, even-tempered and creative. The accomplishments of Alter Aeon as a whole trumps any personal achievement. We measure our success by the successes of the entire playerbase.

The clan's area and equipment maintain a theme consistent with its moniker, but an evil character alignment is not necessary to join.


Any potential recruit must be sponsored by an existing initiate or member of Clan Lawful Evil. Do not ask us; we will ask you.

A recruit will have had to be a longtime and well-recognized player who has made many contributions to Alter Aeon. You won't be sponsored unless you deserve it.


Clan Lawful Evil conducts brief, simple ceremonies to celebrate admission, promotions, and other milestones in our initiates' and members' progress in the clan. We have a ritual room where ceremonies are performed.

Elders performing promotions typically conduct ceremonies, but any initiate or member can use the ritual room to perform ceremonies for whatever reason they feel appropiate.

Those not of our clan may be invited to visit the clan area and witness these ceremonies.

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