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Clan History

  • Aldrin and Kumar joined the clan in April of 2015!

  • Gandera resigned in April 2014.

  • The clan website's ranking was increased to 9 (highest) in February 2014!

  • Gandera joined the clan in February 2014 as first rank initiate.

  • Fehlan became an elder of Clan Lawful Evil in February 2014! His quest to locate a suitable candidate for recruitment. This candidate was Gandera.

  • Felonia became an elder of Clan Lawful Evil in January 2014! Her quest was to become #1 on the Group Leader leaderboard, which she managed to do less than 12 hours after being assigned her quest.

  • Felonia joined the clan in January 2014. She was previously an honorary member of the clan.

  • The clan fanfiction page was created and our first fanfic was uploaded in January 2014!

  • Storm resigned in January 2014.

  • Wyrm resigned in December 2013.

  • Another major upgrade to this website in November 2013, adding the intro page, event log and social pages.

  • Storm joined the clan in September 2013 as a third rank initiate.

  • Wyrm joined the clan in July 2013 as a second rank initiate.

  • Damnation resigned in July 2013.

  • Got this website up and running February 2013!

  • Corax, Corvus and Damnation joined the clan in October 2012 as third rank initiates.

  • The clan structure, area and equipment was re-organized to take advantage of clan code changes in September 2012.

  • Fehlan joined the clan in February 2012.

You can find a comprehensive history of Clan Lawful Evil prior to 2012 in this article: Fifteen Years - Clan.

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