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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "lawful evil" mean?

"Lawful Evil" is an alignment type present in the Dungeon & Dragons roleplaying game from 1st through 3rd editions. We found it appropiate because we thought of ourselves as outcasts at first yet believed in working within the game society and rules to affect change, not in overthrowing the system entirely. Structure was necessary for accomplishing our long-term goals, and organization tends to elevate those who are best suited to rule eventually.

Presently, Lawful Evil enjoys a position of status and respect, so we're not so "evil" anymore; however, we remain quite lawful. We honor all promises we make and do not take them lightly. We obey the rules not out of fear of punishment, but out of respect for order they bring to our game. In a few cases, we are responsible for enforcing the law and take that responsibility very seriously.

Having an evil character alignment was a requirement for membership in the clan for many years, but this is no longer the case; however, we retain our moniker as the Clan of Evil so we never forget our humble origins.

What are the differences between Lawful Evil and other clans?

Other clans generally focus on gameplay, while Clan Lawful Evil is dedicated to game development. The clan offers a non-competitive environment so that members and initiates can enjoy the game benefits of clan involvement without being held to arbitrary standards or having to constantly prove their gaming skills to superiors. The majority of our membership are game staff (or the mortals of game staff) that contribute to the game in some way or another, and that is what qualifies them.

Occasionally, Clan Lawful Evil participates in regular clan activities like clan runs, clan wars and other events, but this is generally the exception rather than the rule.

What are the benefits of belonging to Lawful Evil?

Clan Lawful Evil concerns itself primarly with the creation of new game content and the maintenance of existing content: areas, equipment, classes, skills/spells and other aspects of the game. The clan supplies advice, support and steadfast comraderie for its membership so that they can provide the best service possible to the game. Clanmates benefit from the wisdom of the clan's seasoned members. They can also share and compare ideas for game development.

The clan also provides mundane amenities, such a private area, re-strung equipment and a cool recall string. Clan Lawful Evil is pragmatic in keeping clan costs low so as not to become a financial burden upon its roster. It is for this reason we lack a bank, storage, extra rooms or anything else that carries a continual cost to maintain. Experienced players have their own means and methods for such.

How do I join Lawful Evil?

Let us be clear: the vast majority of players are not suited for Clan Lawful Evil. Alter Aeon is a game, and a game should be fun. We're the ones that make it fun for everyone else. It often involves self-sacrifice and hard work, and it's not always fun for us.

We're all volunteers. We don't have the resources to train you. You have to be a self-starter and a fast learner. You have to not be an idiot.

Now, if Lawful Evil still appeals to you, perhaps you're of the few destined for greatness. We're always on the lookout for new initiates. Lawful Evil observes a "don't ask us, we'll ask you" admission policy, so if you're interested in joining the best you can do is offer contributions to Alter Aeon until you attract our attention.

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