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Miscellaneous Links

Tarrant's character page

This is an old personal page created by Tarrant, founder of Clan Lawful Evil.

Alter Aeon afghan by Felonia

Felonia lovingly crafted this Alter Aeon afghan as a Christmas present for Dentin in 2010.

Wood Fountain Fanfic by Dentin

This is a piece of fanfiction by Dentin starring the Lawful Evil power trio: Tarrant, Darklord and Gisco. Based on a true story.

Interview with Draak and Shadowfax by Ouch (mirror)

This was an interview for the Ralnoth Times on November 8th, 2008.

Old Alter Aeon Flickr

Cygnii's Flickr account has a bunch of old pictures of Dentin and the gang.

Log Files

Log files with historical value are put here. They're pretty raw.


This directory contains images for the Clan Lawful Evil website.


We have a directory where miscellaneous audio bits are exchaged between Draak and Shadowfax, primarily for use with the dclient.


This is the dumping ground for truly most miscellaneous of miscellaneous files. Anything could be here.

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