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Introduction to Alter Aeon

Unfamiliar with Alter Aeon? Let us tell you a little bit about the wondrous world of adventure that awaits you!

Alter Aeon is a text-based medieval fantasy RPG. That's right: "text-based". Alter Aeon utilizes the beauty of the written word to convey what is happening to the player throughout the course of the game. It's like a storybook fairy tale where you write your character's story.

Without the constraints of graphical limitations, the game's builders have the ability to create endless encounters, and players have the freedom to use their imaginations to envision those encounters. Alter Aeon has a highly detailed universe rich with its own mythology and history.

Your story begins on the Isle of Sloe. Sloe is a small island with a handful of sleepy little towns where villagers live out their lives in peace and least, they did until it was invaded by an army of hostile monsters! You'll dive right into the action as you battle these creatures and discover the secrets behind the invading horde!

From here your adventures continue indefinitely. As you travel eastward through the islands, new challenges will arise to test your might! Alter Aeon has hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat! Whether you wish to play as a noble hero, a ruthless villain or anything in between, you'll find the role that suits you on Alter Aeon!

And what kind of adventurer will you be? A mage, with mastery over destructive elemental magic, or a cleric, with spells to heal and defend? Perhaps you'd rather be a thief and use trickery and subterfuge to defeat your opponents, or maybe the straight-up toe-to-toe combat style of the warrior would better suit you? You can be a necromancer and bring a legion of undead and demonic minions to bear upon your enemies, or a druid with the power of nature at your command! Alter Aeon is multiclass game: with complete control over which spells and skills you can learn and what classes you level, you become the adventurer you choose to be!

Combat is fast-paced, and you can use both swordplay and sorcery to defeat your foes! There are hundreds of skills and spells available for your character to learn and use!

You can play using our own client, the dclient, or find scripts for your favorite mud client from our downloads page. The dclient has custom sounds and features tailored to Alter Aeon, and soundpacks are available for many popular clients. You can even play right from the website using our flash-based client! Alter Aeon is compatible with most accessibility software.

Now that you know a little bit about us, we hope you'll come and play! Get started at!

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