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Other Alter Aeon Social Sites

Alter Aeon on Discord

Alter Aeon's offical Discord server is ran by Shadowfax and Draak. We do our best to respond quickly to questions and issues. Below is a redirect to an invite link.

Alter Aeon on Reddit

Alter Aeon has its own subreddit that you can subscribe to. It is frequently updated with new links from Facebook and Youtube. Dentin, Draak, Shadowfax and Uicli moderate the subreddit.

Alter Aeon Dropbox

We have a public folder on Dropbox that is updated with content from our Facebook page.

Alter Aeon board on Trello

We have a public board on Trello. It is regularly updated with content from our Facebook page. You can subscribe to the board and/or lists.

Alter Aeon on Cafepress

This is the official Alter Aeon online shop, selling everything from Alter Aeon themed t-shirts to shower curtains at reasonable prices. It is run by Draak.

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