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The elders of Lawful Evil have additional responsibilities in order to serve its membership and the game, not to rule over them. Expect them to be the most helpful and gracious players around.

The current elders are Darklord, Felonia, and Fehlan.

Tarrant and Gisco are elders emeritus.


The five original members of Clan Lawful Evil were Evilavatar, Darklord, Gisco, Ironfist and Az. Evilavatar became Tarrant, and later Pinky and Scott joined Tarrant, Darklord, Gisco and Ironfist as the elders and core members of Lawful Evil throughout its early history, all six of us together in the same high school computer lab in Seneca, Illinois.


Four of the six founders became builders and later members of the pantheon. The Lawful Evil gods are:

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